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blockpaving wigan blockpaving bolton blockpaving warringtonEasydriveways install the most modern paving with true traditional values 

Our aim is to make every driveway permeable, never adding any rainwater to our drains and in turn our rivers, therefore helping to relieve the pressure on our drainage systems. and NOT add to the countrys flooding problems,


What to look for in a new driveway:

What we offer:

Its never easy to choose a contractor so here are some tips...


  • Cost - create a budget, and get the price in writing
  • Quality - check out some work, and the customers satisfaction rates
  • Guarrentees - from who and how long?
  • What commitment are you getting? Some contractors start a job and go and do 3 more inbetween!
  • What does the paving do for you, besides just look good? Some have major maintainance every few months, never mind years

Even if you don't choose to use Easydriveways, we are always happy to help you in any way we can...

  • Easydriveway have set high standards not just for our employee's but in the industry, leading the way with future ground breaking paving, as well as traditional paving
  • We give writen quotations that we like to be the end bill, unless there is more work involved on first quotation
  • We have a long list of satisfied customers and reviews across the internet,
  • We offer bretts (the block manufacturers) 5 year installation and10 year block guarrentees. It can also be insurance backed
  • We never start a contract without a complete focus on your drive
  • Our paving is diffrent in so many way, less weeds, can be water harvesting and is built in a totally diffrent manner from traditional paving so inclement weather doesn't interfere with our program

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